Promedia Tech draws on years of experience in the middle-east and international markets. We are recognized as the leaders in Telecom solutions, professional interaction with customers and the ability to deliver. Promedia Tech offers operators consultative and professional services in the areas of IT and Telecom. Our experienced staff is proficient in the areas of network design, vendor selection, RFP writing and support, network optimization and so on. Our expertise ranges from Wireless broadband, test and measurement, optical networking, Fiber to the home, enterprise access and connectivity and so on.


Our benefits to operators include:


– Business Strategy: Evaluate current business model and create scenarios for improvement.

– Go to market strategy: Evaluate how to address certain markets to improve market penetration with new services and customer retention.

– Technology evaluation: Support operators in technology evaluation to improve business processes.

– Vendor evaluation: Support the operator with evaluating new vendors and what benefits they offer for delivering new services or network optimization

– Market solutions: We help operators create new market solutions to accelerate customer adoption and retention.